About Berta Delgado
(c) Photo LRM Performance / Sara Sánchez
Her work conveys a somewhat expressionistic character by mixing influences from manyfold, even antagonistic sources -from organic matter and processes to  technologies old and new, from sociological and anthropological issues to subjectivity of aesthetical nuances and formal technique. 

Her technical resources and knowledge are based on and developed from her ongoing interests rather than just academic background. These include traditional and recent techniques such as painting, photography, engraving, animation, video art, installation, performance, music and sound art, theatre and dance besides many other artistic and personal points of interest present in daily life. 

The panoply of technique employed by Berta Delgado within LRM Performance is based upon a combination of material construction, image and action– that is, installation– along with live usage of vintage or pre-cinema projection instruments –overhead projectors, epidiascopes, digitally and conventional controlled lighting, movement design and performance.

Also, designing costumes and prosthesis led her to studying movement and actions generated and therefore composing the choreography, always ellaborated in total conjunction with all disciplines implied in LRM  –movement, sonic and visual.